Anthony "Hawk" d'Cannith Merruci


History Anthony was born in Metrol the capital of Cyre. He never met his father but his mother Dannel Merucci was a reputed locksmith and quite a beauty. She died on the day of mourning as Metrol’s population was completely decimated. Having quick fingers, and a lightining sharp intellect he began tinkering with his mothers locks and soon was quite the established catburglar. For him life was simple, there is no meening in life might as well find something interesting to do while one was alive.

All that changed however when his hunger for the dramatic overtook his better judgement. One night he decided to break into House Canniths labs in Eston. He was later caught by non other than Aarren d’Canniths traps. Being paralyzed in what he now knows is a hold person spell intense fear raced through his mind as he was trying to find an escape. Aarren ever the curious arcanist wondered how a mere boy had managed to get in so deep into his lab. For reasons unknown he decided to spear the boy’s life and not report him to the authorities in exchange he asked the boy to become his apprentice for a short time and pledge his loyalty to house Cannith. He later renamed him Anthony d’Cannith Merucci and had made arrangements so that his mother would be well taken care of.

Aarren quickly discovered that the boy had much talent for the arcane but not so much in the art of artificing to his disappointment. Nonetheless having house Canniths ample resources he taught the boy as much as he could from his little knowledge of wizardry. As the days, the months and the years past he forged a friendship with Merrix d’Cannith, Aarren’s son. After a couple years, and the war tearing into the house and Cyre’s resources he was asked to attend the school of Wizardry, Arcanix in Aundair. Since Aundair was Cyre’s ally during the war travel was easy, but he was sent on a specific mission. Queen Dannel ir’Wynarn had made a personal request to house cannith to send one of their best agents in to gain as much knowledge as possible on Aundair’s spellcasting might fearing a double cross. Beeing one of the few house wizards, and the only one that could tell a decent lie he was the only agent for the job. At first Anthony refused, however after much convincing from Aarren and the realization that he truly could not learn anymore from his teacher he reluctantly accepted. His codename from now on was to be Tobias “Hawk” Gibbs.

After a few month’s in Arcanix Tobias still could’nt find a way to report his findings without risking blowing his cover. After many experiments in the lab, he quickly became fascinated with snakes and their ability to regenerate, seemingly escapeing the cluches of death. Their uncanny abilities to hunt and eliminate their prey fascinated him. In the end his obsession with snakes consumed him as one can see with his spellcasting (his first spells learned not having any serpentine influence). He then soon decided to adopt Adnocana as his familiar. It was after getting bit in the lab one day that he got a stroke of genius. He would render his familiar adnocana invisible and have it deliver the messages for him.

For many years Tobias reported to Lady Jorlana d’Cannith on Arcanix’s layout, and many magical defenses and Aundair’s spellcasting capabilities. He however never met directly since to do so he would have blown his cover. Uppon hearing of the day of mourning and not receiving any instructions to do otherwise her continued his deep cover assignment. It’s not until weeks later that he had hear that Aarren d’Cannith his mentor and almost adoptive father had died. His mother shared a similar fate. The only fragment of his former life remaining was his friendship with Merrix. Seeing how he was still in deep cover he could not even visit his friend let alone grieve…

And so the years passed, and Thobias grew obsessed with the idea of learning what happened on the day of morning. He vowed he would find out what happened and find a way to stop it from ever happening. After a numerous trips to the mournlands and narrowly avoiding death, he managed to find what was left of his grandmother’s log house there tried to find some trinket of his past since he decided that there was no way he was strong enough to even attempt a trip to Eston or Metrol on his own. There he found a diary his grandmother kept and a number of pictures. Seeing how it was miday already he couldn’t risk reading it here. So he headed off to Valthriond it being the closest city from the cabin. Discouraged after nearly dying being less than 5 miles from the Mournlands border. He pondered about how he would ever reach his goal of reaching Metrol or Eston and find out what happened. And so there he stayed for a number of weeks reading the diary over and over again it being the only thing he had left of his former life.

Unknown to the other players, Hawk had a flash of fear once he heard the name Jonny Mars Merucci. According to the diary, it was his great grandfather’s name, a master thief whose intellect was second to none. According to the diary he had vanished after a trip to Brighton. No one has ever heard or seen from him after that trek. Apparently he had gotten the nickname Mars after stealing the Mars Ruby that set atop the Galifar’s crown. He had maid a point to steal only the jewel even though there where so many riches surrounding him in the royal vault. How he got in and how he got out no one knows. But he displayed the ruby on a necklace. Since no one could ever but him on the scene and he had an ironclad alibi he was never charged and essentially got away with the perfect crime.

Also Aarren d’Cannith the one who introduced sentience to the warforged and Merrix’s father is actually Anthony’s real father. The reason Anthony was able to get into Aarren’s lab was because he had set most of the traps to harm only those not sharing his blood. Being his true son he was able to avoid most of the really dangerous ones, it was sort of a way to keep merrix away from the truly dangerous experiments. Futhermore, since Anthony is Merrix’s half brother he also technically has a claim to rule house cannith as the patriarch since Jorlana and Zorlan are all his half siblings. The only ones that know Anthony’s stake are in fact Merrix, Jorlana and Zorlan, which is why they all seek to gain his favor. Since Merrix is so concerned with his experiments he eventually divulges this information to Anthony upon being confronted he would have said something sooner but he lost contact with his old friend while he was abroad and their friendship became strained after Anthony hasn’t attended their father’s funeral.


In the aftermath of the battle of the three kings, Hawk returned to the cave where the mechanical avatar of the Makha Razza still resides. He was able to salvage the parts of the destroyed iron bands of Bilaro with hopes to repair them. His main motivations for coming back where to recover Mars’s coffin, and make sure the orb was in fact destroyed. Since the enemy lair was in the remains of the former royal library in Metrol, he took the opportunity to acquire several Grimoires. One thing that troubled him was the fact the broken pieces of the ankh and the spear of Talshawa and Kine where missing upon his return. Since then he has tried to track the items but with no success. He also recovered the bodies of Talshawa and Kine hoping to revive them someday (anticipating this would much please his great grandfather Mars in seeing familiar faces). Currently their bodies are kept in a magical stasis to protect them from the effects of time.

Hawk with his enormous amount of arcane tricks makes regular visits to his companions using his newly acquired greater teleport spell to its fullest.(he usually visits each member of the party twice a year but keeps especially close ties to Slarvish often exchanging research on newly discovered arcana, item creation and the like). After many attempts, he is finally able to fully control his Syberis mark, which he somehow manages to conceal from everyone, uncertain of his fate if anyone discovers it. He uses it to create blood so Mars can feed freely without hurting anyone while he attempts to find a cure. It hasn’t posed a problem yet as Mars is in a mostly comatose state. Reluctantly he asks Zorlan d’Cannith for help on this project (as well as the revival of Kine and Talshawa).

He maintains his obsessions with snakes, and trying to understand what happened on the day of mourning continues. Consulting with denizens of the other planes for information on what truly happened is now within his power so he does so regularly. One of his most recent projects is trying to find a cure for vampirism, and find and means to extend ones life naturally of course (his research obviously lying on snakelike regeneration).

He built himself a wizard’s tower in the shape of a colossal snake. It is animated and follows him around underground popping up when he activates a trinket and mutters a command word so his research is always within arms reach. He is still an active and prominent figure in house Cannith. He wishes to keep the house intact, and acts as a diplomat between the three heirs for the time being. He quickly understands that in order for the house to maintain its power it needs to be united so he desperately tries to find the one that can unite the house. He to this day undertakes the most dangerous and important assignments the house has to offer trying to gain the support of the lesser members so that everyone supports his choice in choosing the house’s next leader.

He has also been helping Merrix with house Cannith operations in order rival house Lyrandar’s monopoly of the skies. In exchange Merrix has been giving him what knowledge he possesses on the events of the day of mourning, like other houses activities and the state of world affairs. House Phiarlan’s activities are the most suspicious currently, since all of their leaders where outside of their headquarters in Metrol at the time of the catastrophe. Hopefully Mars will be able to clear things up once he regains his senses.

On a house Cannith mission he ran into an old classmate of his from his time at Arcanix. It was Margana CorLeis. They both had feelings for each other while attending school but neither had acted on them. After a number of months of dating, they eventually become engaged. Anthony hopes his fellow adventurers will attend the wedding (hint hint). Since Margana is currently part of the arcane congress in Arcanix she is extremely busy but since she is also a wizard they are able to see each other more often than one would expect thanks to teleport spells of course.


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