Nakamura Shinzen

A mysterious martial artist from a foreign land. Each part of his body is like unto a thing of iron.



Nakamura Shinzen

One year ago, the man known as Shinzen came ashore in the lands of Eberron. Literally washed ashore amid the wreckage of his vessel, he was sent as an emissary from a land far across the sea. The Empire from which Shinzen hails was ruled by a mighty Shogunate, policed by a caste of warrior-nobles whose authority was absolute. However, some in the empire resent the rigid structure and iron immovability of the regime, claiming the shogun’s laws are unjust, even cruel. Some go so far as to say that the Shogun and his inner circle are, in fact, powerful mages or psychics of some kind, who dominate their subordinates and maintain control of the empire through wicked supernatural tyranny.

Shinzen’s dojo, the martial arts school known as The School of Sixteen Storms, is a secret society who resist the Shogunate, believing it to be as corrupt as some fear. Shinzen was smuggled aboard a merchant vessel to attempt to rally support in Eberron for this proposed uprising.

Shinzen himself is quiet and modest about his formidable mastery of the School of Sixteen Storms, and even quieter as regards his personal history. He keeps it secret that he is in fact the youngest son of the Nakamura family, who are close to the Shogun in his homeland. He lives a Spartan existence. Regarding his long term mission, Shinzen has his doubts whether the corrupt Empire of his birth can ever be overthrown.

In the meantime, he travels across the known lands of Eberron, righting wrongs and championing the oppressed. Shinzen cannot suffer a tyrant, and will volunteer himself readily for any dangerous mission that will alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden. All the while, he keeps an eye out for allies who might help him in his quest to overthrow the wicked shogun, and save his homeland.

As for the culture in which he finds himself stranded, Shinzen is often bemused by the strange customs of Eberron. He admires the martial prowess and discipline of paladins especially, but eschews their weaponry, relying on his fearsome fists. He is certainly conversant in philosophy and theology, and will happily discuss such matters with anyone who’d care to listen.

In combat, Shinzen employs his deadly art with daring and skill. His school teaches one to channel chi not only through warrior’s yells, but through naming the many techniques which their hard-form school employs. His enemies quickly learn to fear his shouts of “Fist of Seven Thunders” (Stunning Blow) and “One Thousand Arrow Lightning Stroke” (Flurry of Blows). Shinzen is an acrobatic and canny combatant, and will dart about the battlefield from one foe to the next, ducking, weaving, rolling and flipping past their weaponry to deliver his crushing iron fists into their soft flesh.

Nakamura Shinzen

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