Character Name: Katel “Hunter of the Reaches” Class: Ranger 8/ Barbarian 1/ Fighter 1 Race: Human Gender: Male Alignment: True Neutral Follower of “The Gatekeepers” Height: 6 feet Weight: 148 lb

Ability Str: 16 +3 Dex: 16 +3 Con: 14 +2 Int: 12 +1 Wis: 14 +2 Cha: 10 0

Speed: 50ft Init: +2 HP: 88 (rage 106)

Grapple: +14

Fort: +8 (rage +10) (+4 Endurance feat: anything non-lethal) Reflex: +11 Will: +7 (rage +9)

AC: 22 (+6 armor, +3 dex, +1 natural armor, Deflection +2) or 23 (with owl) or 24/25 (with two or more opponents beside/with owl)

Touch AC: 15 Flat-Footed AC: 19

Skills: Climb +10 Handle Animal +6 Heal +12 Hide +8 Jump +34 (xtra +5 if running jump with 20ft) Know(Dungeoneering) +2 Know(Geography) +2 Know(Nature) +5 Know (the Planes) +2 Listen +16 Move Silently +8 Profession(Herbalist) +3 Profession(Commander) +3 Ride +5 Search +0 Spot +10 Survival +14 Tumble +6

Class Feature: 1st Favored Enemy(Human) +4 Track Wild Empathy Combat Style (Two Weapon Fighting) Endurance Animal Companion (Owl) 2nd Favord Enemy (Abberations) +2 Improved Two Weapon Fighting Fast Movement Rage 1/day Woodland stride Swift Tracker

Flaw: Meager Fortitude -3 Fort saves Trait: Farsighted +1 Spot, -1 Search

FEATS: Alertness Eyes in the Back of Head Leap of the Heavens Keen Eared Scout Oversized Two Weapon Falcon School Battle Hardened

Skill Trick: Healing Hands

SPELLs commonly used (1 per day): Jump,Healing Lore Call, Cure Light (lvl2)

LANGUAGES: Common Orc Elf


Magic Worn: Mithral Shirt +2 Amulet of Natural Armor +1 Corsair’s Eyepath (currently on left eye) Cloak of Predator Vest of Resistance +2 Ring of Protection +2 Boots of Springing & Striding Possession on Person: 37.5 lb Explorer’s Outfit Mithral Shirt +2 Amulet of NA (Feather Token of Tree tied to Amulet) Heward’s Handy Haversack Darkwood Shield +1 Shocking Mighty Composite Longbow (+3Str) +1 BattleAxe (2) one with returning crystal MW ThrowingAxe Flint and Steel Possession in Heward’s Handy Haversack: 40 lb Infusion of Cure Light Wounds x10 Infusion of Remove Disease Antitoxin Whetstone Flint and Steel Arrows (12) Special Slarv Arrow (1) Everburing Torch Silk Rope 50ft Grappling Hook MW Manacles Healer’s Kit Climber’s Kit Winter Blanket Rations x2 Waterskin Daggers x2 ThrowingAxe Feather Token (tree) 23 Gold Pieces

Animal Companion: Name: Swoop Tiny Animal

Str 5 Dex 18 Con 10 Int 2 Wis 14 Cha 4

HP: 20 Init: +3 Speed: 10ft, 40ft Fly AC: 20 (+4 Dex, +2 Size, +4 NA) Touch AC: 16 Flat-Footed AC: 16

Fort: +3 Reflex: +7 Will: +5

Attacks: Talons +8 1d4 -3 Grapple: -11

Skills: Listen +14 Spot +6 (+14 in Shadowy Light) Move Silently +18

Feat: Weapon Finesse, Iron Will

Speacial Ability: Low-Light Vision Link Share Spells Evasion

Tricks: Attack Down Fetch Heel Hunt Calm Assit Track Assist Defend



Katel was born in a small hamlet bordering the Eldeen Reaches and the Shadow Marches. His father, Tak, told stories of a orc bloodline, in their family, from a tribe in the Shadow Marches from generations past, and his mother traces her linage to a great druid elf of the Eldeen reaches.

These distant bloodline have both manifested themselves in Katel, even at a young age he had amazing strength and a graceful agility rarely seen among humans. His mother, Maribel, noticed Katel’s keen sense of learning and she quickly taught him to speak fluent Elvish and Orcish. She was alway surprised at his astounding ability to hear and see things before she could. Often she would call him her little day owl because of his keen senses.

Katel’s fater was a dedicated follower of the gatekeepers and he traveled to every end of Eberron to help locals fight off abberations of the Daelkyr. Tak, his father, was often gone for many months, however Tak was always sending him letters of his adventures. At the Age of Ten Katel received a surprise from his father, coming back from one of his trips, found a injured Owl on an old trail.

Katel treated the owl back to health with the help of his mother. He named it Swoop, for the owls silent acrobatic swoops it would do when it was in a playful mood.

When Katel turned 16 he went with his father on a trip to the demon wastes, which changed his life forever. While camping on the border of the Eldeen Reaches and the Demon Wastes a group from a tribe, of human barbarians, of the Shabow Marches ambushed, without a sound, Katel and his father while they slept. They were outnumbered 5 to 1 and even with these odds, Tak’s had enormous fighting prowess and killed more then half the attacking barbarians.

However Katel’s father, Tak, succombed by the overwhelming force. Badly injured, Katel, was left for dead, bleeding and immobilized. By a chance discovery, Torexchek leader of a small Gatekeeper orc clan, found Katel unresponsive. An exceptional healer, Torexchek, administered a mixter of herbal infusions which quickly re-establish Katel’s health.

While Katel was recovering in Torexchek’s clan village he learned about them during the following months. Katel was fustrated and angry with himself for not being able to detect the ambush on that terrible day.

Fluent in Orcish, Katel, quickly gained the trust of the villagers, and he express his fustrations to Torexchek. The great leader of the orc clan propose a unique opportunity, he offered knowledge and training for his services as a protector of the Eldeen Reaches and Eberron from the abberations that plague the lands.


After the great final encounter Katel, the battle hardened ranger, returned to his beloved Eldeen reaches. Tired of fighting he spend a few months, with the help of Eldeen bards, writing his memoirs in which he recounts his experiences during his adventures alongside his great friends Tiny, Hawk, Slarv, Shinzen and the Captain to name a few.

In his memoirs Katel describs how he learned to fight with two battle axes with ease although it’s weight would normally prevent him from being accurate. Furthermore, the Hunter of the Reaches, explains his technique of striking vital points of an opponent while jumping that was perfected, after watching Swoop and other birds of prey dive with amazing precision inflicting incredible injury to it’s victims. Moreover he details the state of mind of being in a blood lust rage which was first mentioned to him by Torexchek and when Katel observed frequently when fighting the barbarians of the Demon Wastes. During the great battle between armies Katel learned while fighting masses of zombies and huge squads of ninjas that with his keen senses he could use his enemies flanking tactics against themselves and increase his chances of being missed.

Many of the battles fought were recaptured in Katel’s Memoirs, which was a popular stories told by bards in the Eldeen Reaches. Eventually, after commanding an army of Gatekeepers and Wardens against aberrations across the Reaches, The Hunter of Reaches decided to retire from fighting and devoted himself to the ways of druidism and also focused on expanding his knowledge and use of herbs.

Upon hearing about Katel’s new path, Oalian took him has a druid apprentice and gave him a gift for all the Hunter has done for Eberron and the Reaches thus far. The gift was a ancient magic acorn, artifact of the Warden of The Woods. The acorn was eaten during a druid ritual which changed the consumer into a Great Treant, like Oalian, and gave knowledge of the druids past.

Living among the Warden of the Woods, as a Great Oak Tree, Katel from time to time would alter his shape into Human form to meet with his friends of times past, that defeated the Evil Trio, and would celebrate with his famous Root Beer.


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